Stimulating Activities for Dementia Patients

For people with Alzheimers and Dementia it is important to keep active. Therefore, ensuring that the games are engaging and stimulating is important. The goal is to find activities that can help with memory, emotional contact, expression, and make them feel productive. So here’s a few ideas of things to do that can help with those things.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for everyone but for dementia patients specifically it helps with numerous different aspects in their lives. For example, it helps them regulate their sleep, maintain a positive mood, and help prevent restlessness. So something as simple as going for a walk around the neighborhood or fishing can stimulate so much for a dementia patient.

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Baking is an activity that can be as easy as buying a box of brownie and mix to make at home and it reaps a tasty reward as well. Let them take the lead on the project as long as it’s safe for them. Even if they are in no condition to do it themselves, allow them to watch and help with talking out the steps.

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Playing with Animals

Pets like dogs and cats are known to relieve stress/anxiety. They provide a sensory experience as well as lower blood pressure, boost serotonin and lower heart rate. If they themselves don’t have a pet try to find someone with a well behaved pet for them to play with or find an animal therapy center for them.


Picking up a book which your patient can enjoy helps them stimulate their memory. If they can’t read it themselves consider reading it to them or finding an audiobook they may like. It’s a better alternative to TV and the benefits of it are immense. 

Listen to Music

Music provides people with a sense of calm and can transport people to simpler times. By playing songs which they like you not only can stimulate a memory but also can help release emotional connections. Try and play their favorite artists and genres, if you can try to find a video of the live performance that is sure to spark something. 

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These Activities are great! Is there anything else I should try?

If you are looking for a place that will provide your loved one with care and help them with these stimulating activities, you should call Urgent Home Care. Here at Urgent Home Care, we care about our patients and work to give our patients all that they need. 

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