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Companion Care for The Elderly and Respite Care Needs

Companion care is mainly intended to provide seniors or older adults with the assistance they need to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. Companion services assure folks of home care that will cover many basic tasks and various activities that seniors may find difficult performing without assistance. There are also situations where these obstacles could put seniors at a degree of risk, resulting in the possibility of losing their independence. Companion care ensures that seniors can maintain their daily routines while continuing to live in the place they are most familiar with, i.e., their homes.

At Home Health Services, our companion caregivers are some of the most experienced, compassionate, and well trained. That’s why our professionals can handle a myriad of caregiving duties with ease. Our service is the perfect choice for seniors who may need help to stay at home but don’t require any advanced caregiving.

Enjoy Your Independence And Freedom

Companionship services can make a big difference. You can stay in your own home rather than an assisted-living facility.

Our licensed professionals provide assistance with daily living activities. If your friends and family aren’t nearby, we provide an extra pair of helping hands.

Have Peace Of Mind With Our Dependable Team

You can trust our staff full of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and caregivers.

Receive help with pet care, laundry, linen changing, and household organization. If you’re feeling lonely, our friendly team will gladly visit and play cards with you.

The Right Amount Of Help For Your Lifestyle

• Relief care
• Respite care
• Meal planning
• Meal preparation
• Accompany medical appointments
• Transportation
• Shopping
• Errands

What is Companion Care All About?

Companion care is similar to in-home care, which means that the service provides all the mandatory assistance that an elderly person or disabled adult needs. The care will take on multiple forms, making living easier and safer for the person in question. The caregiver may, for instance, perform various errands for the client, like going out to shop for groceries, procuring medication, or even taking out the garbage. In some cases, caregivers will plan and then prepare meals, perform some other light housekeeping tasks and ensure that medication is taken on time by the person in question.

Companion services are designed to help improve the quality of life of the care recipient. The term ‘companion services’ rightly suggests that caregivers act as partners for activities, hobbies, accompanying the person to appointments, engagements, and other social activities. They are also there to talk with when needed so that they (the person in question) does not feel lonely.

The activities can be a lifeline for those (seniors mostly) who are socially isolated. It has been shown that social isolation can dramatically increase the chances of health complications and even mortality in senior citizens. That’s why it is so important for seniors to have companion caregiving providers, the regular social interaction with the companion helps to end the feeling of being isolated.

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Does Your Loved One Need Companion Care?

Generally, older adults who may live independently, often in their own homes, will have a tough time coping with everyday life and performing routine tasks. They could also be suffering from a loss of mobility with age or experiencing cognitive decline; either way, they need to have a companion. A companion is the only way an aging loved one can continue to live in their own home safely.

Now, if the person in question isn’t necessarily alone, but much of the family isn’t home for the better part of the day, it can be near impossible for family members to provide the care needed. Seniors who cannot take care of themselves or require assistance can’t be left alone, especially if they need to see a doctor, take their medicines on time and require someone else to run errands. Many of these seniors may also not be able to drive or have access to transportation, so they can easily benefit from having a companion live with them until the family is back. Furthermore, many older adults who live alone may not have friends, or their family members may be too busy to visit every day. They often suffer from social isolation here too; a companion can help.

Companions provide a valuable benefit to senior adults who may be facing various challenges in their lives. Whether it is transportation, remembering to take their medication, or just keeping up with everyday tasks, a companion can make a big difference. Furthermore, it allows them (seniors) to age in their own homes.

The Difference Between Companion Services and Personal Caregiving

You might have to choose between companion caregiving and personal caregiving for the most part, when you want someone to look after a loved one. The good news is that while both these types of services offer care, there are differences. Knowing the differences between each can help you make the right choice.

A care companion will usually stay with the person at home and handle various duties like laundry, meals, running errands, etc. However, companion services don’t necessarily include any physical assistance, which means that they will not be assisted with everyday personal tasks like dressing, help in the toilet, or bathing.

On the other hand, personal care will cover all the basic care duties, which are covered with a companionship service, in addition to physical assistance. Many personal care services will include non-medical assistance for those suffering from chronic health conditions like Parkinson’s or diabetes.

Older adults who receive senior care enjoy the comfort and dignity of aging in their own homes with a companion caregiver. However, those seniors who may require advanced care or any physical assistance will need a personal care professional to live with them.

Want to Get Started with Senior Companion Services?

We make it very easy to get started with our companion services. You can call us to schedule a consultation. During this consultation, we will assess your loved one’s needs and come up with the best possible solution while working out other details of the arrangement. Our goal is to make sure that your loved one is taken care of in the best possible way in an environment that they are most familiar with, i.e., their homes.

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